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Every Girl Wants a Disney party

Disney has been making movies about all kinds of things for a long time, and a part of their movies has always been gorgeous princesses, either rescued from danger by a prince, or rescuing themselves. From Snow White and Cinderella to the more modern Mulan and Anastasia, every girl has a Disney princess that she wishes she was like.

Having a Disney princess party for your daughter could be a lot of fun, especially considering all of the things you can do with the cake. If you go with one of the more traditional princesses, go through the movie and look for some ways of incorporating the princess into the cake design. For example, if you choose Rapunzel, you can put a doll in the centre of the cake and weave a rope of hair made from spun sugar or fondant icing all around the cake. This will give the impression that Rapunzel herself is trapped in the cake. If you decide to go for Cinderella, you can do the same thing, but rather than sugar, cover the cake in fondant icing and make it look like a gorgeous ball gown. You can even move away from the dolls and make a cake that looks like a crown.

A more modern approach may be doing a Lion King cake and making the top of the cake look like Nala from the movie, or even creating a cake covered in bows, arrows and tribal marks that looks as though it would belong to Pocahontas. Whichever cake you decide to go with, know that the occasion is all about your child, so be sure to ask her what she wants. She may opt for something quite simple which requires a few sugar pearls and some edible glitter.

No matter which Disney princess you choose to go with, ensure that the cake reflects that princess either in a direct or an abstract manner. The cake may not be the most important part of the party, but it does form an important centrepiece, and is more than likely going to be remembered by your child, and her friends, for a long time to come.

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